Haida Loop Poet & WHOLESOME* MC


 Ms.PAN!K :: creates melodic soundscapes with her guitar, voice & loop station :: Rich layered vocal harmonies & looped melodies mix with conscious rhymes and soul-full lyrics to create her experimental loop poetry. 


 Loop pedal-driven alt, hip-hop + neo-soul influenced productions - blend looped rhythms + harmonic vocals & layered guitar. 

Her poetic spoken word bursts forth for powerful emotionally engaging performances - very often improvised & tailored uniquely for the energy of each audience and meant to drop some healing wisdom to inspire & entertain.


Calling Tofino, and the ancestral lands of the Tla-o-qui-aht Nation home base; where she is a guest on their unceded territory - Ms.PAN!K is originally from the Unceded Territory of the Xaayda (HAIDA) Nation and member of the southern  K̲aayahl 'Laanaas Clan lead by Hereditary Chief Gaahlaay ~Lonnie Young. 

Ms.PAN!K's 3-Track "OPEN HEARTS RELEASE" is her debut single release. It was recorded with

Grammy Award Winning Engineer and Producer, Spencer "SpendsQuality" Williams, at Cedarsong Sound Studios in Nevada City California.

"OPEN HEARTS" is MPD's first foray into translating her loop pedal driven productions into the Studio.

"  I wanted a little snapshot of my art to share . I thought these three songs would be a foundation to build from." - PANIK

 woven over soulfull melodies; PANIK shares her perspective in the three tracks the debut of which is called, "PRAXIS" followed by "PRAYERS" and "OPEN HEARTS." 

"Each Track is a Story; a snapshot into my reality." - PANIK

"PRAXIS" was inspired by a book I found in a tiny library outside the Common Loaf Bakery in Tofino, BC. The book was a guide to community development rooted in feminism. The meaning of the word praxis was woven with my personal experience; my community and our mutual successes, it's a blueprint for how to walk in this world.

"PRAYERS" was written as a reminder to honor myself though healthy rituals of gratitude & represents some of my cultural and spiritual beliefs and "OPEN HEARTS" is my call to action, for people to come together to cultivate intercultural & interconnected community and success based on honoring self and learning to honor and support one another." -PANIK



"My music developed into a positive outlet for expression and heal the pain & trauma of my childhood, and then it became one of my greatest tools to help me to FEEL myself and  HEAL myself and through that... I want to be honest, vulnerable and share my experiences and it's my hope to inspire others to self-reflect follow their own passions." 



2019 Western Canadian Music Award Nominee for  Spiritual Artist of the Year! 




"Wherever you go; there you are. Human beings are emotionally driven; music is deeply emotional...

music gives me peace-of-mind and constantly reminding me how to release energy in a positive way.

Music has no judgment about being "over-emotional." We all have emotions, good or bad...FEEL THAT SH*T - and learn to respond to emotion, rather than react." -PANIK

"I'm completely self-taught in what I do, but I am now reaching out to learn and absorb as much as I can to be the best version of myself and present my art to the world. Music is my outlet for creative expression, it took me this long to realize I've been working my whole life to get here." - PANIK